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Rickety Fidgets was born in Liverpool, when the three founding fidgets - Georgina, Aidan and Deborah - set their sights on forming a company which makes theatre as welcoming, accessible and groovy as possible. Next joined the fourth fidget Elli, transforming the trio into a fierce queer quartet. This team creates stories about acceptance, and what it feels like to try to find your way in a world that isn't always as friendly as you might like it to be. Rickety projects range from high-energy gig theatre about queerness and wrestling, to tender, introspective narratives about space, and the moon. Drawing inspiration from puppetry, clowning and interactive storytelling, performances by the fidgets are full to the brim with playfulness and heart. So: have a scroll through the Company Page, and get to know the creatives!

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Georgina Taylor


Georgina Taylor is an actor, theatre practitioner and accessibility consultant originally from Chester and based in Birmingham. Her work is guided by bringing down barriers to art, finding joy in theatre, and encouraging others to do the same. Find Georgina.


Aidan Watson


Aidan Watson is a Liverpool-based actor from Teesside, and can occasionally be found writing scripts and poetry. They’re also known to lend their voice talents to podcasts and radio plays. She loves to create theatre and stories that make people feel seen and warm, but that make us consider ourselves and how we exist in the world around us. Like a really good steak bake that's suspiciously just a bit too chewy.


Déborah Dubosq


Déborah Dubosq is an actress originating from Normandy, where she started her training, and who finished it in Liverpool. Eager to bring theatre where it's not often seen, with stories not often heard, she's also a writer, visual artist, set, props and costumes designer. Well, given that her sewing machine will cooperate.


Elli Purse


Elli Purse is a Liverpool based filmmaker who loves interesting, diverse stories and fun design. Proud supporter of pink wafer biscuits and lover of latex. 

Find Elli.

Meet The Company

Creative Pals

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Wilf Rake

Sound Designer/Creative

Wilf Rake is a musician, sound artist and label head from the South West. Currently based in Birmingham, his work prioritises instinct and interactivity.

Find Wilf here and here.

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Amaya Holman (she/her)

Website Designer/Creative

Amaya Holman is a freelance writer, designer based in London. As a former Cambridge Footlight, her work has been featured in venues across the UK. She aims to write honest, tender stories that find the silliness in sadness. And design websites. And, one day, own a fat little hamster called Feta Cheese.

Find Amaya.

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Anastasia Bruce-Jones (she/her)


Anastasia Bruce-Jones is an award-winning theatre and film director and writer. Over six years, she has directed more than fifty productions, working in the West End, and on tour. She is drawn by the eerie, folklore, magic realism, translation and modern mythology – places where storytelling stretches towards the shadowy fringe of experience. Find Anastasia.

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Meg Parry


Megan Parry is an actor and a graduate from the Guildford School of Acting. Her specialties lie within physical performance, advancing in Laban, clowning and stage combat. Alongside her work as an actor, Megan develops theatre based on her spoken word poetry. Megan is Represented by Mac and Jeal Talent. Find Megan.

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Joanne Lehoux



Joanne Lehoux is a French, young self-taught artist, currently studying History at University. Fond of humanities and arts in general, she's also versatile: she loves and practices contemporary dance, drama, draws and sews. She aims to create soft and open-minded art.

Find Joanne at:


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Lucy Killofer



Nice to meet you guys, I'm Lucie Killoffer (I go as LadyKraken online), I'm 29! I'm an actress who was originally going for an illustration career. I come from a family of artists of all kinds, but I did study at Le Havre's Arts School for four years. I'm a compulsive reader, addicted to drawing and cartoon watching. I also sculpt and sew, to pass the time.

Find Lucy at: 


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Ellen Butterworth-Jones



Ellen Butterworth-Evans is a lighting designer, programmer, technician and recent graduate from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Over her 3 years at drama school she has worked on over 30 productions, covering dance, musical theatre, outdoor theatre and acting productions, including one show being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Ellen is currently based in the Midlands, however works across the country (and globe) with most of her work being in Liverpool and Manchester.

Find Ellen at: 


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Zoe Dunkerley



Zoe Dunkerley is a freelance illustrator specialising in digital art, and a self-taught calligrapher. With a variety of different drawing styles under her belt, she's always eager to try something new.

Find Zoe at: 

https://www.instagram.com/cacodactyl/ https://cacodactyl.tumblr.com/

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Emma Rowe



Emma Rowe is an actor and writer originally from Cheshire, now based in London. She graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2019, where she learnt that she’d been standing and breathing wrong her entire life! Her previous work spans TV, Film, and Theatre; including roles in Doctors, Last Tango In Halifax, and What Happened to Monday. Emma will soon be appearing in The Peculiar Adventures of Doctor Who, a fan made podcast. Emma is represented by Northern Gold Personal Management.


Wissuta ‘Ink’ Duangsri



Wissuta ‘Ink’ Duangsri is a Lighting Designer from Bangkok, Thailand, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. She studied Theatre and Performance Technology with a specialism in Lighting Design from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) and has a passion for lighting Dance, Music and Theatre. She has worked with many theatre companies including Falling Doors Theatre and Rickety Fidgets.


Find more of her work on instagram @inkd.lighting 


B Murray



B is a songwriter and producer who worked with the Fidgets on The Masked Femme as the MD (and ring announcer) for the show.
They have a focus on meaningful improvement and  experimentation on their craft with every project.
They miss the working environment that Rickety Fidgets bring.

Have a look at their band Lynskey: linktr.ee/lynskeyband 

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Our Projects

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The Masked Femme


Rickety Fidgets Present their very first project: Moonhead!

The moon has watched from afar in awe of the earth for their whole life, but now that they've fallen from their spot in the sky, they're beginning to wonder if the planet is as welcoming as they thought. Moonhead doesn't have much time to figure out how to get back to the sky, or know who they can turn to to help them. Rickety Fidgets present a story of acceptance and what it feels like to try to find your way in a world that isn't always as friendly as you might like it to be. 


The Masked Femme has been a champion in every sense throughout her wrestling career. She’s been half of a formidable tag team, as well as a femme fatale in her own right, all while being one of the few loud-and-proud-queers on the scene. Join us for the historical unmasking ceremony after her crushing defeat at the hands of The Butcher, and hear how she came to be a trans icon of the wrestling scene. In this live accessible performance featured in July 2021 @ Unity Theatre Liverpool and in a recorded performance available afterwards, we’ll give you tragedy-meets-clowning, we’ll give you drag-meets-wrestling, and we’ll even give you covid-safe working practices. Rickety Fidgets will piledrive British transphobia for the three-count in this silly but heartfelt tale of one trans wrestler’s rise and fall.


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