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The moon has watched from afar in awe of the earth for their whole life, but now that they've fallen from their spot in the sky, they're beginning to wonder if the planet is as welcoming as they thought. Moonhead doesn't have much time to figure out how to get back to the sky, or know who they can turn to to help them.


Rickety Fidgets present a story of acceptance and what it feels like to try to find your way in a world that isn't always as friendly as you might like it to be. Moonhead’s journey parallels our personal experiences of rejection, acceptance, and having to convince other people of what you know to be true.


Whilst the three of us fidgets experienced the feeling of being on the outside in our personal lives, we imagined all the ways someone could feel misunderstood, and we hope Moonhead’s story connects with anyone who has ever felt this way.


With a focus on making theatre as welcoming as possible, we invite you to follow the story of Moonhead as they travel the Earth and discover things about themselves and other colourful characters along the way.


Moonhead isn't currently developed for live performance, however, we'd be really excited to get back in the rehearsal room with it. If you know of a venue that would be interested in a show like ours, you can register your interest here!

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